Welcome to Heartland Vivarium!

Full service Vivarum

Heartland Vivarium is a full-service animal vivarium located in Wisconsin. We maintain an in-house Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) with a typical turn-around time of 1-2 weeks for protocol approval. We provide services from basic housing to a full-service CRO.

We offer veterinary oversight, an experienced care staff, and complete animal husbandry and technical services, in addition to customizable contract services for your rodent models. Our dedicated research animal facility is a time- and cost-effective option for new and established biomedical, biotechnology, and biopharmaceutical companies wishing to generate in vivo preclinical data. As an accredited OLAW facility, we also accommodate university and institutional (PHS-funded) studies.

Why choose Heartland Vivarium?

Animal models are a crucial step for the generation of preclinical data. Whether you are just getting started with your animal research, are already using an animal model, or would just like to outsource your experiments, Heartland Vivarium can help you move your research forward.

  • Customizable contracts to suit your needs
  • Time– and cost-effective preclinical data generation
  • Rapid IACUC approvals
  • We provide husbandry, veterinary, and managerial support
  • Innovive (IVC) caging system to maintain animal health
  • We maintain accreditations, licenses, and certifications